Bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin. It seems like Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are always in the news these days. Unfortunately, although Bitcoin is a fascinating topic, many people still do not understand it and do not know just what is so special about it that warrants such tremendous media attention.

You may also have heard about its incredible price growth since its creation in 2009. Just imagine, if you had invested $100 in Bitcoin back in April 2010, your investment would be worth 76 million dollars today.

If you search for “how to invest in bitcoin” on Google, you will come across many suspicious-looking sites offering “too good to be true” rates of return. I believe most of them are just Ponzi schemes in disguise, trying to scam the ignorant and gullible Bitcoin investor.

Being a Bitcoin enthusiast myself, I have started this blog to share tips on how to invest in Bitcoin and to help you keep updated on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry. I hope that the information here will help you become an informed and savvy Bitcoin investor.


Alex Tsui
Site Admin