ICoinPro Review And Member’s Area Insider Look

ICoinPro Review and Member's Area Insider Look

I am sure you have come across ICoinPro review sites that claim to tell the truth about this Bitcoin business, but many of these reviewers are not even ICoinPro members. How can someone pretend to give an honest review when the person has not even used the product or service in the first place? I am sure they have not even seen what is inside the member’s area and experienced the benefits that are offered by the membership. This is like giving a review about a car when they have not even test-driven the car. Even worse, I have read ICoinPro reviews that get their facts wrong.

On the other hand, I am an ICoinPro member, and I will show you a complete, no holds-barred insider’s view of the ICoinPro member’s area. Although you may think that my review would be one-sided and unfair since I am a member, I will do my best to present an objective review without any sugar-coating. I will just give the facts as they are, and you can decide for yourself if this business is for you.

ICoinPro Review: What Is ICoinPro?

ICoinPro is an educational membership site that teaches everything about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in a step-by-step easy to understand format. You can also learn how to trade cryptocurrencies with a trading system known as the Micro Profit System. Furthermore, you can earn a passive residual income through ICoinPro’s compensation plan that pays out in five ways.

Currently, the lesson modules are organized in three sections in increasing level of difficulty:

ICoinPro Review - Core Training

Core Training

This is an introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies and consists of 12 lessons. Some sample lesson titles are:

  • Introduction to Monetary Systems, Currencies, and Cryptocurrencies
  • The Birth of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains
  • Bitcoin Myths

Advanced Training 1

This next level of training has 12 lessons. These are some of the lesson titles:

  • Security
  • Alt Coins Overview
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Advanced Training 2

The last level of training has 16 lessons and these are some of the lesson titles:

  • Making Money from Cryptocurrencies
  • Make Money by Mining Cryptocurrencies
  • Make Money by Investing in Cryptocurrencies

What I like about these lessons is that there is a mini quiz after every lesson to make sure that the reader has fully understood the current lesson before attempting the next lesson. In fact, it is impossible to jump into any lesson without completing the previous lesson.

While it can be argued that all of this knowledge is freely available on the Internet, it is very well put together and can transform the complete cryptocurrency beginner to an expert within a short time.

After you finish one of these training modules, you also get a nice certificate which you can show off to your family and friends on social media or print out for framing if you like.

ICoinPro review - training certificate


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ICoinPro Review: The Micro Profit System

ICoinPro review - Micro Profit System
Some words have been blurred to protect the details of the trading system.

I think the true value of the ICoinPro membership lies in its Micro Profit System. This is ICoinPro’s proprietary cryptocurrency trading system that is very easy to learn yet highly effective in reaping daily profits in the cryptocurrency markets.

This trading system will show you:

  • Which cryptocurrency exchange to sign up with
  • How to deposit Bitcoin into your trading account
  • How to set up your trading chart interface with a specific indicator
  • What signals to look for to know when to Buy
  • How to use the provided Profit Calculator tool to know the price to Sell to make your profit
  • How to track your trades using the Profit/ Loss Tracking tool

These steps are explained in great detail with the help of videos. There is even a private Facebook group in which members can share trade alerts and help each other with their trades.

August 2017 Update:

The Micro Profit System has two different trading techniques now, namely Buy The Squeeze (the original trading technique) and Buy The Dip. The basic indicator used is still the same. The difference is in the timing of the trade entries.

A very exciting upcoming benefit for ICoinPro members is a mobile app that will allow members to monitor cryptocurrency prices and receive trade alerts when there are potential trade opportunities through its cutting-edge Trade Finder program. I have not seen such a feature in any of the mobile apps currently available, so this will definitely be a game-changer for cryptocurrency traders.

ICoinPro Review: The Membership Fee

Everyone can register free to preview the program. Click on the button below to register and take a tour.

When you are ready to upgrade, there is a Setup fee of $40 and the first-month fee of $39.95, which comes to $79.95. After that, you need to maintain your membership with $39.95 monthly.

Better still, you can upgrade with the 6 Month or 12 Month membership plan which gives you added discount and benefits in terms of the compensation plan rewards.

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ICoinPro Review: The Compensation Plan

Contrary to what some review sites say, you cannot promote ICoinPro as a free affiliate because there is no free affiliate program. You can only enjoy the rewards of the compensation plan as a paid member.

Some people may become ICoinPro members simply for the education and to learn how to trade with the Micro Profit System. This is perfectly fine, and the great thing is that they can still earn some income through the compensation plan even if they do not actively refer new members. You will understand this part when you see the details of the compensation plan later.

The ICoinPro compensation plan pays out in ways. If you do not actively refer any members personally, you can still get paid through the first 2 ways, namely the Powerline Bonus and the Matrix Payout. The other 3 ways reward only those who have personally referred members to the program.

Powerline Bonus

This one is very simple to understand. You get paid for the next 5 members that upgrade to become paid members after you, regardless of who enrolled them company-wide. You get to earn 3% x $39.95 x 5 members = $6. This is paid monthly.

You may say this is just chicken feed, but to a lot of people, this bonus is the first income that they have ever earned online. This gives them an awesome feeling and may just be the spark to ignite their passion to build this business seriously. You can also think of this as a discount on the monthly membership fee of $39.95.

Matrix Payout

Every week on Wednesday (cut-off day), all newly upgraded members are placed into a company-wide binary matrix (meaning 2 downline members under each member). Therefore, it is possible to have spillover from your upper levels even if you do not refer a single person. However, the amount and speed of spillover entirely depend on how actively the members above you are recruiting new members. The minimum that you can earn is $2,046 monthly when your 2 x 10 matrix is filled up.

Of course, if you want to earn a lucrative income in this business, you cannot just rely on spillover and must do your part to promote this program actively. You can potentially earn $32,766 monthly just from the matrix if you are ranked as 3 Star.

The following next 3 rewards are only paid to members that actively refer new people.

Fast Start Bonus

ICoinPro review - Fast Start Bonus

The Fast Start Bonus is very easy to understand. This works like the typical affiliate commission- you are paid a fixed fee for every new member that you or your referred downline members(called your Enroller Tree members) bring into the program.

The bonus amount depends on your rank and is paid to you weekly. For example, if you are ranked as 1 Star and you personally referred 3 people while those 3 people each referred 2 people(This is in your level 2), then your Bonus would be calculated as:

3 (personally referred) x $15 plus 6 (in your level 2) x $5  =  $45 + $30  =  $75

Coded Infinity Fast Start Overrides

The Fast Start Overrides is also paid out weekly and is only for people who have achieved the rank of Star Elite. This is too complicated to explain just with text. Watch the Compensation Plan video below to understand how it works.


Matching Bonus

The Matching Bonus allows you to match a percentage of all of the commissions that everyone whom you personally introduce to the program earns every month. This is huge if you have a big network. Watch the following video to see how it works.

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ICoinPro Review: Weekly Live Training and Cut-Off Webinar

Besides an active official Facebook group, there is a weekly live video training which is conducted by the CEO himself, Paul De Sousa. Paul is probably one of the most hands-on and approachable CEO of any company around. He is extremely passionate about cryptocurrencies and his vision is to help millions of people to embrace and profit from cryptocurrencies through the ICoinPro program.

Every Wednesday, there is also a Cut-Off Webinar through which prospects who have yet to upgrade to paid members are encouraged to upgrade before the cut-off time at Wednesday midnight PST(Pacific Standard Time). At this time, all newly upgraded members are placed into the company binary matrix in the highest available positions under their referring sponsors.

ICoinPro Review: Shortcomings and Conclusion

As I have said before, I will not sugarcoat this review but present the facts as they are. Now it is time to mention some ICoinPro’s shortcomings.

  • The Advanced training modules are still a work in progress with no content but only titles.
  • The Marketing section only has some banners available. The management has said that more marketing aids will be added soon.
  • The “Our Company” page is quite sparse and could be improved with more details about the company background and key personnel.
  • The free tour for pre-enrollees does not give a complete picture of ICoinPro’s educational program and trading system but focuses too much on the compensation plan.

The reason for these shortcomings could possibly be due to ICoinPro’s extremely fast growth since their official launch on June 21, 2017. As of this time their members have exceeded 10,000 worldwide. A number of members have highlighted these shortcomings to the ICoinPro management and I believe these will be rectified soon. If there are any changes, I will post an update on this review.

In this ICoinPro review, I have tried my best to give you a clear idea of the exact benefits that you will receive when you upgrade to become a paid member. In my opinion, the educational value and financial rewards are worth far more than the small monthly fee.

If you are still not sure, the best way is to upgrade, study all the modules, take a few trades following the Micro Profit System (No minimum capital needed. You can even start with $10). If you enjoy it, then continue your membership. If not, simply ask for your money back under the 30-day money back guarantee. You have absolutely no risk whatsoever. Think of this as an investment in yourself.

Warren Buffett, one of the world’s greatest investors said, “The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

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