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Get Upto 5% Return on Your Investment in Only 15 Days, with a 5% fee of the return on investment.

Bitcoin Investment Hub is the best bitcoin cryptocurrency trading group that analysis and utilizes technology to increase your bitcoin investement profits.

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At the center of investing is analyzing and creating strategies with proper guidance. We at bitcoin investement hub execute those strategies at the correct time. Bitcoin Investment, or Bitcoin Fund Management is a valuable part of creating an effective and diverse investment platform. Investing your bitcoins and creating huge returns with the help of various technologies is what we do at bitcoin investment hub.

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Your Bitcoin Investment is Back to your bit address 10 Times Faster, Getting FREE Bitcoins Has Never Been Easier

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We are a transparent bitcoin investment group. Please check our frequently asked questions to see how we use your bitcoins to generate huge profits. Our 24/7 Support system will help you out in every step.

Fastest Bitcoin Returns Fastest Bitcoin Returns

There is no limit with us. We do not keep your coins on hold for an year, you will get your investment and the promised interest rate back in 2, 8 or 15 Days depending on your investment package.

Secure Bitcoin Investment100% Secure

We keep all our cryptocurrency assets in a secure offline hardware which is monitored 24/7 and hence it is impossible for any hacker or malware to cause trouble. We strive to keep your assets safe!!

Scalable Bitcoin InvestmentScalable Bitcoin Investment

Make the most out of this oppertunity! Invest 1 BTC and get 1.1 BTC in just 2 days, if you prolong your contract you can get upto 1.5 BTC in 15 Days. Invest and Scale in bitcoin investment through us now!!

Bitcoin Investment Hub is a registered international bitcoin investment company that helps users multiply and protect their bitcoin investments.

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Get the Best Bitcoin Investment returns, Grow Your Bitcoin with Us

We are a group of cryptocurrency investors and experts from various backgrounds like professional banking, trading, stock analysis, commodity investors.. etc. We have more than 15 Years of pratical experience in day to day trading and investing. We started with huge capital to ensure our commitment to our investors.

Bitcoin Investment Statistics

Please Note: These statistics will get updated every week.

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Total Bitcoin Investors


Total Deposited Bitcoin

24678 BTC

Total Bitcoins Withdrawn

12894 BTC

Bitcoin Investment Plans

Below you’ll notice a list of the bitcoin investment plans that we have to offer. If you’re confused regarding what would work best for you, you can always mail back to us @

Bitcoin Investment Plan

Get 10% of your bitcoin investment in 2 Days

0.1 BTC Minimum Investment

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  • Bitcoin Investment Plan

    Get 50% of your bitcoin investment in 5 Days

    0.5 BTC Minimum Investment

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  • Bitcoin Investment Plan

    Get 300% of your bitcoin investment in 15 Days

    1 BTC Minimum Investment

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  • Bitcoin Investment Plan

    Have More Than 5 Bitcoin to invest ?

    Talk to us now to get a custom bitcoin investment plan..

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  • bitcoin investment faq

    Bitcoin Investment FAQBitcoin Investment F.A.Q

    For the 2 Day plan the minimum amount is 0.1 BTC, for the 5 Day Plan it’s 0.5 BTC and for the 15 Day Plan it’s 1 BTC. Anything below that will be considered a donation.

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  • Reviews From Our Bitcoin Investors

    ❝❝Best Place to invest your bitcoins

    ❝ The best and the safest way to invest your bitcoins, a legitimate bitcoin investment platform. I have invested 0.5 BTC and got back my return within no time. trusted bitcoin investment website... super legit❞

    roger pierweijer

    ❝❝Thank you so much bitcoin investment hub

    ❝ Thanks to bitcoin investment hub, got my 5 BTC profit, from october 9th 2019 for an investment of 1 BTC. will continue to make profit from bitcoininvestmenthub they are literally changing my life..❞


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